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  • world war one tanks

    Origins (1916-1918)

    World War One was the deadly laboratory for many advances in warfare. The tanks were originally born as a way to deal with the deadly equation made up of trenches, barb wire and machine-guns. It was a way to make the long awaited breakthrough after nearly three years of a muddy, gruesome stalemate.
    >>> Tanks of the Great War
  • world war two tanks

    World War Two (1939-1945)

    Never in history were so many tanks built and destroyed in large scale battles. From the steppes of Kursk to the burning sands of El Alamein, learn how the tanks made history. Have a grasp of the tactics used by the Axis and Allies, how they evolved in the interwar, and a complete encyclopedia of all World War Two tanks from 1939 to 1945.
    >>> Tanks of the Second World War
  • Cold war tanks

    The Cold War (1947-90)

    Although classified as a "conventional weapon", the tank was and remains to this day the mainstay of every field army in the world. Learn how many and what types of tanks the Warsaw pact and NATO could field and their tactical use. Find out how they fought in many conventional wars during this era, and of course, a complete Cold War tanks encyclopedia.
    >>> Tanks of the Cold War
  • Modern tanks

    Contemporary main battle tanks and other AVF's in service

    Since the end of the Cold War, the tanks underwent a significant change. The great armored fleets of the past are gone, tanks nowadays have evolved to the very costly but extremely efficient main battle tanks, the perfect mix of technologies for the contemporary age. A complete overview of modern tanks.
    >>> Today's tanks
  • illustration of tanks

    Tank illustration tutorial with Adobe® Photoshop©

    Learn exclusive, efficient techniques. Learn how to use imaging software at its best to not only make a clean, cool and flexible tank illustrations, but also to draw as many variants as you want in a few clicks, with only a handful of graphical tricks.
    >>> Tank illustration tutorial

October 2014 tank of the month

FV 4201 Chieftain

The main 1960-1990 British MBT

With the Leopard and the AMX-30, the Chieftain was the last of the three European MBTs which dominates the western defence for nearly three decades. It has to be better than the Centurion and soon adopted the excellent Royal Ordnance A11. It was also the most heavily armoured tank of the sixties, and with the Chobham composite armour, the best protected for long. However this was paid in return by being overweight, and the Chieftain suffered of early teething problems with its engine.
Semovente Da 90/53
Semovente da 90-53
Vijayanta MBT
Vijayanta MBT
Morris CS9
Morris CS9
Pansarbil m/39 & m/40
Pansarbil m/39 m/40
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The last of the Pattons

Illustration of the week

MBT-70, a joint West-German American program for a second generation battle tank, which represented a considerable leap forward, cumulating ground-breaking technologies for the day. Their cancellation however benefited to the M1 Abrams some years after.

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Tank illustrations packages

Make your own tank variants

A new concept of full illustration packages, with all original parts (textured hull, shadows, mechanical parts, weapons, etc.), versions, variants, accessories and markings. Get your free example here. This is a zipped .psd format. To be opened in Gimp or Photoshop CS+.
Tutorial overview

Tank Illustration Tutorial...

Tanks illustrations from scratch using Adobe(r) Photoshop. A step by step process from the basic, neutral grey hull to the coloured, finished, fully-equipped model. Tutorials for variants and special effects as well.

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April tank of the month: The T34/76 April 2012
May tank of the month: The M3  Halftrack May 2012
June tank of the month: The Panzer III June 2012
July tank of the month: The Cruiser VI Crusader July 2012
August tank of the month: The Char B1 bis August 2012
September tank of the month: The T26 September 2012
April tank of the month: The M3 Lee/Grant October 2012
November tank of the month: The Panzer IV November 2012
December tank of the month: The Mathilda infantry tank December 2012
January tank of the month: The Type 97 Chi Ha January 2013
February tank of the month: The Russian KV-1 February 2013
March tank of the month: The M4 Sherman March 2013
April 2013 tank of the month: The Merkava MBT April 2013
Sd.Kfz.250  Hanomag May 2013
June tank of the month: The Panzer III June 2013
July tank of the month: The T34/85 July 2013
August tank of the month: M4 Sherman Part 2 August 2013
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November tank of the month: The Churchill November 2013
December tank of the month: The IS-2 December 2013
Chitsmas tank of the month: The Tiger January 2014
February tank of the month: The February 2014
March tank of the month: The AMX-13 March 2014
December tank of the month: The Centurion April 2014
May tank of the month: The T54/55 May 2014
June tank of the month: The Leopard I June 2014
July tank of the month: The M48 Patton July 2014
August tank of the month: The T-72 August 2014
September tank of the month: The AMX-30 September 2014
October tank of the month: The Chieftain MBT October 2014