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Often labelled by historians as one of the very best -if not the best- tank hunter of World War Two, the Jagdpanther (Sd.Kfz.173) reunited the devastating firepower of the legendary 88 mm gun with 100 mm of frontal armor and the excellent mobility of the Panther chassis it was based on. Feared, but relatively rare (only 415 were ever delivered), the famed German tank hunter arrived too late to make a difference and was used both on the Eastern and the Western European fronts in the late stages of the war.

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world war one tanks

Origins (1916-1918)

World War One was the deadly laboratory for many advances in warfare. The tanks were originally born as a way to deal with the deadly equation made up of trenches, barb wire and machine-guns. It was a way to make the long awaited breakthrough after nearly three years of a muddy, gruesome stalemate, and their first test in battle ever.

world war two tanks

World War Two (1939-1945)

Never in history were so many tanks built and destroyed in large scale battles. From the steppes of Kursk to the burning sands of El Alamein, tanks made history. Study the tactics developed by the Axis and Allies, how tanks evolved in the interwar, and have an overview of all AFVs developed before and during WW2.

Cold war tanks

The Cold War (1947-90)

Although classified as a conventional weapon, the tank remains at the forefront of “hot” conflicts that developed during the cold war. A comprehensive overview of all Warsaw Pact and NATO tanks and armoured fighting vehicles of the cold war, and their tactical use throughout studies of conventional wars of this era.

Modern tanks

Modern AFVs

Since 1990, Armoured Fighting Vehicles underwent a number of significant changes. New classes of more versatile families of vehicles emerged, still topped by the main battle tanks. This is also an era of new vehicles tailored in response of the threats and challenges of an multi-polarized world and asymmetric warfare.

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WW2 Soviet Tanks

The whole story – 1930-1945
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AT weaponry

Latest entry:
The Boys anti-tank rifle (1937).

The encyclopedia of antitank guns, rockets and missiles, or the never-ending competition between the shield and the sword. From the legendary German 88 mm, through the Boys rifle, PIAT, panzerfaust and bazooka, the 17-pdr, ZiS-2, or the more modern HOT.

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