The Korean War – 69th anniversary

Korean War Tanks
Free Poster of the Korean War.

Korean War M4A3 HVSS POA CWS
Free Poster – Korean War M4A3 HVSS POA CWS H5 ‘F22′ Roamin’ Candle’, J. Carty, 1st Marine Tank Division Korea 1954.

D-Day Special – 75th anniversary free poster 3500 pixels

D-Day Tanks 1944

West German Bundeswehr

US Cold War Tanks
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The Bundeswehr, as it is shown during the cold war: Tanks show there were all in service in 1990 but for the oldest, like the M47 Panzer and M46 among others. There are 8 new illustrations not released as posts in this, can you recoignise them ?

US Cold War Tanks

US Cold War Tanks
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Since 2014 David Bocquelet released a handful of tanks posters, mostly on ww2-related topics. In 2018 others will follow. These posters help us to host the website and create new posters (one poster on average can take 6 hours or more, not including the work performed on the illustrations themselves! That’s teamwork as entries in a poster are a matter of team debates and balancing decision to include or not some models/variants, etc.

-Currently brewing:

-Centennial of British Tanks (all models and eras) (80%)
-JSGDF (90%)
-IDF (75)

JSDGF, almost complete
JSDGF, almost complete

To come:
-Swiss armour (global)
-Italian armour (global)
-ww2 heavy tanks
-Cold war British armour
Feel free to suggest one !!!

Tailored printings:

In addition, we can provide true HD printing versions which can be .Tiff or .Bmp, converted to CMYK. The very large versions available for wall posters (2 m x 3m and more !) can be sent, at around 500 mo, .tiff CMYK format. Contact us! Also now on ArtPal

Tank Aces Collection

T34/57 Exterminator - tank ace Lt. Gorobetz, battle of MoskowOtto Carius Tiger winter 1943-44otto Carius Tiger, battle of Malinovo july 1944SovietKV-1 Eskranami Tank ace Zinoviy KolobanovSherman III Canadian Tank ace Sydney Rad ValpyLafayette G. pooleOtto CariusKurt Knispel TigerKurt Knispel Tiger IIT34/76 1941 Tank ace Dmitry Lavrinenko posterErnst Barkmann Tiger Michael Wittmanww2 aces: Renault B1 Bis Eurecold war aces zvika greengold - Shot kalefIndian Centurion Mk VIICreighton Abrams

Tank Fleets collections

WW1 tanks and AFVsRegia EsercitoSoviet cold war posterCold War Main battle tanksWorld's MBTsPLA Tanks British Tanks and AFVs ww2 soviet armour tanks posters - Soviet Armour 1941 ww2 French armourww2 American armourtanks posters - Imperial Japanese Army 1936-45tanks posters - Wehrmacht 1939-45tanks posters - Blitzkrieg, German tanks 1939tanks posters - D-Day Normandy summer 1944tanks posters - Heavy self Propelled guns of the Wehrmachttanks posters - American AFVs 1915-2015tanks posters - The western campaign may 1940tanks posters - Deutsch Afrika KorpsFrench Tanks ww2 - Regular, FFI, lend lease Centennial of French Tanks Chinese tanks 1919-45 SANDFRussian Tanks

Other Individual posters

otto Skorzeny M10 ErsatzPanzer IV Ausf C France 1940Panzerbefehlswagen VI Ausf H1Grizzly I cruiserOstu Gata Sensha battle of Harbin 1932Type 16 Combat Maneuver VehicleWiesel 2 sanitatswagenSherman Crab Wiesel 1A1/A3 Wiesel 1A1 Mk20 ISAF Jagdtiger Wiesel 1 HOT poster Churchill NA75 Churchill CDL Sherman M4A6 PosterChar B1 bis Butcher of Stonne


IDF Tanks

Centennial of British Tanks
Centennial of British Tanks

56 Responses to Tank Encyclopedia’s Shop

  1. haaris says:

    please do a individual poster on the al khalid tank

  2. Max Krieg says:

    Please do a poster of the Mark I!

  3. Chuck Scheid says:

    Make individual images available on T-shirts.

    Things have become so distributed between the equipment to put any image on clothing and the availability to produce and deliver it that it’s possible to do one-off T-shirts for not much more than making a lot (it might even become cheaper when unsold merch comes in but I’m too lazy to do the math, all I know is unsold inventory is a PITA.)

    I’d buy one with an M43 Ambulance painted in Ohio National Guard (Toledo/Findlay) markings circa 1970 any day, there’s a funny story to go with it.

    • David.B says:

      Hello Chuck, if you check Red Bubble you’ll see a large array T-shirts available with all the posters already produced. But making one-off models could take quite long and margins are quite low… But if one day ‘im venturing into this one, you’ll be the first to know

  4. mcs says:

    I’d love to see an individual poster of one of the heavily modified easy eight shermans, like thunderbolt 7 or perhaps cobra king. They are handsome to the point of being princely.

  5. john stinde says:

    please make one for the m10 panther erzatz

  6. Billy610 says:

    can you do a swedish armour poster?

  7. Anomaly_KT_13 says:

    Can you please do an individual poster of the IS-7?

    Many thanks.

  8. Soviet Connoisseur says:

    I personally enjoy Cold War tanks, you should do more!

    • David.B says:

      As you are a Soviet Connoisseur i do believe that you will appreciate the cold war soviet armored vehicles arsenal which is just out.
      Cheers !

  9. Sam says:

    When will the poster on cold war Soviet armour be up for sale?

    • David.B says:

      Done ! Check the poster page…
      I know it was quite long in the making with just a few models missing, like the giant SPG Condensator and other Soviet self-propelled guns, or the Shilka SPAAG, BMD-2 and BTR-D. But i’m glad it’s at last available. Next: Global British, Cold war British, Cold War US, modern Russian, Modern Chinese, global Swedish and Bundeswehr are on the tubes.

  10. Warkin Volselli says:

    If possible, an individual poster for the BTR-70 would be kinda nice I guess.

    • David.B says:

      Hello Walkin, sure !
      By default i will produce one poster of each and every variant and sub-variant of Soviet and Russian AFV in the near future, but it will take time. The BTR series are scheduled (with all their variants expect about 70 posters just for these !). It’s a LOT of work.

  11. SuperKittyKatt says:


  12. Alex says:

    Hi, Could you tell which Windows graphical software the creator of these poster used? Adobe Photoshop? Gimp? other?

    • David.B says:

      Hello Alex
      Both photoshop CS (just because 5.0 did not managed .png files and layers groups) and Gimp were used.
      David B. TE Manager

  13. Iโ€™d like to see one that -similarly to German heavy arty- goes from the M60 to the MBT70 to the XM803 to the M1 and then M1A1/M1A2

  14. Adam Cooper says:

    Hi guys, just spotted a slight error on the new Cold War tanks poster. The captions on the Type 61 and Type 74 appear to be the wrong way round i.e, the Type 61 has the Type 74 caption under it and visa-versa.

  15. How about one on narco tanks

    Keep up the excellent work canโ€™t wait to see the M60 to Abrams poster

    • David.B says:

      Too much work for a very reduced “market” (but perhaps the cartels ? haha) sorry
      Although im doing that by passion; sometimes a single illustration can require 7-8 hours of work, so any poster needs to be sold at least twenty time to start being profitable by any margin. Plus im “working” for people that scan prints to be reprinted in China and sold in alibaba and amazon at ridiculous low prices on crap paper. That’s also a brake on this activity. BTW on improvized AFVs, we also have in the tubes since at least four years a project on ISIS Iraqi and Syrian improvized AFVs. Perhaps i should start a patreon on this one, like for North Korea and Iran…

  16. staedtler says:

    Please do poster on Osorio engesa brazilian prototype tank . it shows passion .

    • David.B says:

      Hello Staedtler
      Duly Noted !
      Since i’m not long away for a global poster on Brazilian AFVs, would you be interested by this one too ?
      David B

  17. Tristan says:

    Can you make a individual maus, p1000 and/or the Schwere gustav (mainly maus please)

  18. Colonial says:

    Will there be an individual poster on the Sherman jumbo ‘Cobra King’?

  19. Noah says:

    Can you please create an individual poster for the IS-2 and IS-3? Thaks

  20. Ahmed says:

    How about a poster featuring some WW2 AFVs match-ups and rivalries? For each category (heavy, medium, and light tanks, SPGs, tank destroyers, etc) put the axis tanks facing the allied tanks in a poster. Here are some examples: King Tiger vs. IS-2, Tiger I vs. M26 Pershing, Panther vs. T-34/85, Panzer IV vs. T-34/76, Type 3 Chi-Nu vs. M4 Sherman, and so on. Perhaps, you can organize them by front too (Eastern Front, Western Front, North African Front, Pacific Front, etc)

    • David.B says:

      The idea was submitted in internal, some time ago
      I found a fan pic once made with tank encyclopedia’s illus with some reversed, opposing soviet and german ww2 hardware. That was the idea.
      Can’t find the link anymore but it should be visible in google and pinterest wih the right keywords.
      Why not if accompanied with explanations like in an infographic. However tank to tank comparisons are most often pointless. There are way too many parameters to consider and it’s often a waste of time to find real matches.
      David B. TE manager

  21. Didier Gillotay says:

    Could you please create a poster on armoured vehicules used by the “Brigade Piron” (Belgian-Luxemburger Brigade)

  22. wyatt olenick says:

    please do a poster on the bt 42

    • Dorian says:

      Yes please! I second this whole-heartedly, the BT-42 is an incredibly interesting piece of armor from WW2/ Continuation War. I would pay good money for this!

  23. Connor Minnks says:

    Hey! I love the posters and I am wondering if you would ever consider making a poster containing all Canadian WW2 tanks or all Canadian tanks throughout history?

  24. M1A2 TUSK says:

    Hey can you make a poster about american ww2 heavy tanks like the T29, T30, T34,T95 (T28) and more plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    • David.B says:

      A thematic poster about US heavy tanks why not. However before venturing into protos, main nation’s material for all eras has to be covered first. IDF, British cold war hardware will come first. US modern also. But they will come eventually. In between i can produce a dedicated poster for each of them.

  25. Neuro says:

    Please make a poster of Yugoslav and Balkans vehicles

  26. Sam says:

    you’ve got to do something on any panzer, or do something on brinkmann

  27. River Plate says:

    Can you please do a standalone poster of the M1 Abrams during Operation: Desert Shield/Storm?

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