Cold war MBTs

Cold War Tanks – 1947-1990, from all nations. Definition: The Main Battle Tank was a late ww2 invention, when it was realized the fusion between a medium and a heavy tank should be achieved for the better results. This was the concept of a “universal tank”. The last cruiser tank, the centurion, was arguably the first example of this new breed. It was larger and heavier than the Comet, yet still lighter than contemporary heavy tanks, which disappeared, as well as light tanks. New lineage appeared, not only from the USSR and US, but also Europe and in the late 1980s many other countries followed. Outside China, Japan, South and North Korea also devised their own MBTs, whereas India, Israel, Iran, or Pakistan also developed their own models.


Soviet cold war poster
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A complete overview of all Soviet Tanks and armoured fightng vehicles in general from 1947 to 1990: The Main Battle Tanks of the T-series, from the T-54/55 to the T-80, the BTR or Soviet wheeled armoured personal carriers, airborne tanks such as the BMDs, Infantry Fighting Vehicles such as the BMPs, and many other armored vehicles including the self-propelled artillery and self-propelled AA guns.

Updated Regia Esercito ww2 POSTER

Regia Esercito
The 2015 poster has been comprehensively updated with 8 new vehicles, including Italian APCs, armored cars and some self-propelled guns, and is of course available on RedBubble.


WW1 tanks and AFVs

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Here is a 50×65 cm (A1) poster depicting WW1 tanks and armored cars of the “war to end all wars”. You can also support tanks encyclopedia too by adding this one to your collection!
Several models are brand new there, like the Sheffield-Simplex, Peerless AA truck, or Canadian Autocar. Almost all belligerent are represented (including Turkey with the Hotchkiss 1909), but Japan.

Start your collection and support us !…

Since 2014 David Bocquelet released a handful of tanks posters, mostly on ww2-related topics. In 2018 others will follow. These posters help us to host the website and create new posters (one poster on average can take 6 hours or more, not including the work performed on the illustrations themselves! That’s teamwork as entries in a poster are a matter of team debates and balancing decision to include or not some models/variants, etc.

-Currently brewing:
-Chinese modern AFVs (90% done)
-Russian modren AFV (90% done)
-Updates for the global US Poster, and three others.
-Centennial of British Tanks (all models and eras) (80%)
-Cold War American Armour (60%)
To come:
-Swiss armour (global)
-Italian armour (global)
-ww2 heavy tanks
-cold war British armour
Feel free to suggest one !!!

Tailored printings:

In addition, we can provide true HD printing versions which can be .Tiff or .Bmp, converted to CMYK. The very large versions available for wall posters (2 m x 3m and more !) can be sent, at around 500 mo, .tiff CMYK format. Contact us! Also now on ArtPal

NEW ! – WW2 Greatest Tank Aces Collections

T34/57 Exterminator - tank ace Lt. Gorobetz, battle of MoskowOtto Carius Tiger winter 1943-44otto Carius Tiger, battle of Malinovo july 1944SovietKV-1 Eskranami Tank ace Zinoviy KolobanovSherman III Canadian Tank ace Sydney Rad ValpyLafayette G. pooleOtto CariusKurt Knispel TigerKurt Knispel Tiger IIT34/76 1941 Tank ace Dmitry Lavrinenko posterErsnt Barkmann Tiger Michael Wittmanww2 aces: Renault B1 Bis Eure

Tank Fleets collections

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Other Individual posters

M10 Ersatz - Otto Skorzeny Kampfgruppe XPanzer IV Ausf C France 1940Panzerbefehlswagen VI Ausf H1Grizzly I cruiserOstu Gata Sensha battle of Harbin 1932Type 16 Combat Maneuver VehicleWiesel 2 sanitatswagenSherman Crab Wiesel 1A1/A3 Wiesel 1A1 Mk20 ISAF Jagdtiger Wiesel 1 HOT poster Churchill NA75 Churchill CDL Sherman M4A6 Poster


Centennial of British Tanks

22 Responses to Tank Encyclopedia’s Shop

  1. haaris says:

    please do a individual poster on the al khalid tank

  2. Max Krieg says:

    Please do a poster of the Mark I!

  3. Chuck Scheid says:

    Make individual images available on T-shirts.

    Things have become so distributed between the equipment to put any image on clothing and the availability to produce and deliver it that it’s possible to do one-off T-shirts for not much more than making a lot (it might even become cheaper when unsold merch comes in but I’m too lazy to do the math, all I know is unsold inventory is a PITA.)

    I’d buy one with an M43 Ambulance painted in Ohio National Guard (Toledo/Findlay) markings circa 1970 any day, there’s a funny story to go with it.

    • David.B says:

      Hello Chuck, if you check Red Bubble you’ll see a large array T-shirts available with all the posters already produced. But making one-off models could take quite long and margins are quite low… But if one day ‘im venturing into this one, you’ll be the first to know

  4. mcs says:

    I’d love to see an individual poster of one of the heavily modified easy eight shermans, like thunderbolt 7 or perhaps cobra king. They are handsome to the point of being princely.

    • Mark Nash says:

      We shall suggest this to the artist.

      – TE Moderator

    • David.B says:

      Duly noted, that’s already on the tubes. Indeed both deserve a poster.
      However, and it’s a general note, does anyone have an idea of who were the british/Commonwealth top tank ace ?
      By default i’m preparing a poster on Corporal Alfie Nicholls of the 9th Lancers and another on Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters
      Any ideas are welcome !
      Cheers; 😉

  5. john stinde says:

    please make one for the m10 panther erzatz

  6. Billy610 says:

    can you do a swedish armour poster?

  7. Anomaly_KT_13 says:

    Can you please do an individual poster of the IS-7?

    Many thanks.

  8. Soviet Connoisseur says:

    I personally enjoy Cold War tanks, you should do more!

    • David.B says:

      As you are a Soviet Connoisseur i do believe that you will appreciate the cold war soviet armored vehicles arsenal which is just out.
      Cheers !

  9. Sam says:

    When will the poster on cold war Soviet armour be up for sale?

    • David.B says:

      Done ! Check the poster page…
      I know it was quite long in the making with just a few models missing, like the giant SPG Condensator and other Soviet self-propelled guns, or the Shilka SPAAG, BMD-2 and BTR-D. But i’m glad it’s at last available. Next: Global British, Cold war British, Cold War US, modern Russian, Modern Chinese, global Swedish and Bundeswehr are on the tubes.

  10. Warkin Volselli says:

    If possible, an individual poster for the BTR-70 would be kinda nice I guess.

  11. SuperKittyKatt says:


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