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Since 2014 Tank Encyclopedia released a handful of tanks posters, mostly on ww2-related topics. In 2017 and 2018 many others will follow. Click to purchase or to see (some tanks posters are pending revision by the team). The three following posters are sold via, with a lot of size, support and quality choices, and soon other platforms.

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In addition we can provide true HD printing versions which can be .Tiff or .Bmp, converted to CMYK. The very large versions available for wall posters (2 m x 3m and more !) can be sent, at around 500 mo, .tiff CMYK format. Contact us !
You can already purchase these three tank Poster, starting at 10€.

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ww2 soviet armour

tanks posters - Soviet Armour 1941

Soon: World’s Modern MBTs

World's MBTs


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