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Soviet cold war poster Centennial of British Tanks

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Since 2014 David Bocquelet released a handful of tanks posters, mostly on ww2-related topics. In 2018 others will follow. These posters help us to host the website and create new posters (one poster on average can take 6 hours or more, not including the work performed on the illustrations themselves! That’s teamwork as entries in a poster are a matter of team debates and balancing decision to include or not some models/variants, etc.

-Currently brewing:
-Updates for the global US Poster, and four others.
-Centennial of British Tanks (all models and eras) (80%)
-Cold War Soviet Armour (70%)
-Cold War American Armour (60%)
To come:
-Swiss armour (global)
-Italian armour (global)
-ww2 heavy tanks
-cold war British armour
-ww1 tanks and AFVs
Feel free to suggest one !!!

Tailored printings:

In addition, we can provide true HD printing versions which can be .Tiff or .Bmp, converted to CMYK. The very large versions available for wall posters (2 m x 3m and more !) can be sent, at around 500 mo, .tiff CMYK format. Contact us!

Click to purchase or to see (some tanks posters are pending revision by the team). You can already purchase these Posters starting at 10€, on RedBubble, just click on the picture to be redirected. NEW! Also now on ArtPal

NEW ! – WW2 Greatest Tank Aces Collections

Otto Carius

Panzerbefehlswagen VI Ausf H1

Kurt Knispel Tiger
Kurt Knispel’s Tiger I, Russia 1943

Kurt Knispel Tiger II
Kurt Knispel’s Tiger II Czechoslovakia 1945

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Individual posters

Grizzly I cruiserWiesel 2 sanitatswagenSherman Crab Wiesel 1A1/A3 Wiesel 1A1 Mk20 ISAF ww2 aces: Renault B1 Bis Eure Jagdtiger Wiesel 1 HOT poster T34/76 1941 Tank ace Dmitry Lavrinenko poster Ersnt Barkmann Tiger Michael Wittman Churchill NA75 Churchill CDL Sherman M4A6 Poster

12 Responses to Tank Encyclopedia’s Shop

  1. haaris says:

    please do a individual poster on the al khalid tank

  2. Max Krieg says:

    Please do a poster of the Mark I!

  3. Chuck Scheid says:

    Make individual images available on T-shirts.

    Things have become so distributed between the equipment to put any image on clothing and the availability to produce and deliver it that it’s possible to do one-off T-shirts for not much more than making a lot (it might even become cheaper when unsold merch comes in but I’m too lazy to do the math, all I know is unsold inventory is a PITA.)

    I’d buy one with an M43 Ambulance painted in Ohio National Guard (Toledo/Findlay) markings circa 1970 any day, there’s a funny story to go with it.

    • David.B says:

      Hello Chuck, if you check Red Bubble you’ll see a large array T-shirts available with all the posters already produced. But making one-off models could take quite long and margins are quite low… But if one day ‘im venturing into this one, you’ll be the first to know

  4. mcs says:

    I’d love to see an individual poster of one of the heavily modified easy eight shermans, like thunderbolt 7 or perhaps cobra king. They are handsome to the point of being princely.

    • Mark Nash says:

      We shall suggest this to the artist.

      – TE Moderator

    • David.B says:

      Duly noted, that’s already on the tubes. Indeed both deserve a poster.
      However, and it’s a general note, does anyone have an idea of who were the british/Commonwealth top tank ace ?
      By default i’m preparing a poster on Corporal Alfie Nicholls of the 9th Lancers and another on Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters
      Any ideas are welcome !
      Cheers; 😉

  5. john stinde says:

    please make one for the m10 panther erzatz

  6. Billy610 says:

    can you do a swedish armour poster?

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