Upcoming Artillery Rebalance in World of Tanks:

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Artillery has always been a hot topic in World of Tanks, from the old days when you could lose your entire vehicle to one shell, to post-rework Artillery where each hit hampers the performance of your vehicle. In this article, Wargaming details their plans to alter the "stun" parameters in order to make playing them, and playing against them, more fun and engaging.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCq1fWm2vwY

Several changes are going to be implemented in the future of the game, the first of which is reducing the duration of a stunning hit on an already stunned vehicle, to reduce the punishment for playing again multiple SPGs on the enemy team. 

The second change is altering the constant stun component, i.e. the value which determines the "Minimum stun time" of an artillery shell. Their example was for the Object 261, with a reduction from 13.05 seconds minimum stun duration, to only 11.67 seconds. 

A further change is altering the second stun component, which is dependent upon how much damage an artillery shell does to a target. The distribution of damage from the splash will now be more concentrated towards the centre, meaning that less damage will be dealt over a wider area, and will decrease all splash damage as well as reducing the maximum amount of stun which can be applied to the target vehicle. Again, WG demonstrate this with the Object 261, showing that under the new system the combined maximum stun duration will be reduced from 16.45 seconds to 14.35 seconds. 

If you are already under the effect of being stunned by an artillery shell, then the impact of a second shell will result in only half the stun duration being  applied on top of the stun duration already being suffered by the tank, giving an example of a pre-rework 31 seconds for an additional stun, to only 20 seconds. 

There will be additional balance changes as well to artillery, with several vehicles having their splash radius reduced, and some having their accuracy, reload speed, dispersion or shell velocity reduced. As always, more information is available at the following link:

In addition, you can have this information summed up to you in a video by WoT North America here:

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