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With the first half of the new French vehicles being implemented recently, an article has been published detailing the implementation of the upcoming Char Leclerc to Armored Warfare.....

Today, Armored Warfare have published an article discussing the history of their upcoming Tier 9 Main Battle Tank for the French/Italian Dealer, the Char Leclerc, as well as how it is going to be implemented in the game. 

In game, the vehicle is going to be a compact and mobile, flexible MBT, with an upgrade allowing you to equip the historic "AZUR" kit, where the sides will be protected with ERA, and the rear with cage armor. In addition, the vehicle will be able to equip both GALIX soft-kill APS and Trophy hard-kill APS, designed to compensate for the reduced armor in areas which are not protected by the ERA packages. 

Much like other French vehicles, the Leclerc has been designed in-game to be able to be configured into two specific roles, or a mix of elements from both, in its case Urban Combat excelling in mobility and protection, with reduced long-range capabilities, or Sharpshooter, where it will become a Leopard 2-style long-range fire support vehicle. 

Along with this, there will be an option of 3 different active abilities. Engine Overdrive will increase the mobility of the vehicle, in exchange for reducing its concealment. Rapid Fire will increase its rate of fire at the cost of accuracy. And Sharpshooter will increase its rate of fire and accuracy at the cost of mobility.

As always, more information can be found at the following link:

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