WarThunder Update: Merkava MK.1

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The Merkava Mk.1 is the first MBT developed and built by Israel for use by its own armed forces. You will be able to get this long awaited famous MBT as one of the main prizes for the American tech tree in the upcoming ”Battlefield Engineer” Event!

Information about the implementation of the Merkava in War Thunder can be found at the following link:

And historical information about this famous series of vehicles can be found here:


#1  - Elisabeth said :

I want one!! I just don’t know where I would put it. I don’t have a garage ...

#2  - SSSMk2A4 said :

I always like tank with front mounted engine. Sadly it's only merkava now. The others, if not a few prototypes in the past, only in science fiction works.


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