New Developments: T-95 Degman

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Not a T-72.

Armored Warfare seems to be on a Balkans crunch recently, this time around with a MBT, the M-95 Degman, lets take a look at how they've decided to implement this Tier 6 Croatian fighter. 

The M-95 is a modern vehicle, created out of the Vihor MBT, it may look like a T-72, but don't mistake it as a copy, as it is much more potent. 

The M-95 weighs 44.5 tons and has a 3 man crew, as it will be making use of an autoloader. The turret is of a welded design with frontal protection of around 550 to 650mm of RHAe.

deg1It will be fitted with RRAK ERA bricks, providing substantial protection against HEAT shells and ATGMs, and even protection against APFSDS, on the level of Kontakt-5. 

Other protective aspects include a Laser Warning System, engine smoke and smoke grenade generators.

Firepower will be spearheaded by the smoothbore 120mm "Compact Tank Gun" RUAG L/50 120mm, capable of firing DM43A1 APFSDS, DM12A1 HEAT-MP, and especially the LAHAT ATGM, thanks to the modern FCS and bustle-mounted autoloader. Some of you may already be familiar with this weapon system if you have used the Challenger 1 Falcon, although the LAHAT ATGM is particular to the M-95.

The gun is fully stabilized with 13 degrees in elevation and depression of 6 degrees and will have a highly accurate FCS. Aim time, accuracy, and damage per minute will be slightly weaker than the Leopard 2AV in game, but it is helped by the LAHAT ATGM and especially the new "Rapid Fire" active ability, increasing the damage per minute by 25% at the cost of some accuracy, or in the case of the LAHAT, some missile guidance.img1

This armored vehicle will be a mobile one, powered by a 1000hp engine, with a 22.4hp/ton ratio, and can be upgraded to a 1200hp engine with 26.9hp/ton ratio, capable of going 70 km/h and accelerating from 0 to 32 km/h in 7 seconds.

Overall the M-95 will be a very mobile and sufficiently armed fighting vehicle, if a bit lacking in the armor department, generally holding up against tier 6s but quickly falling short to tier 7 tanks and ammo selections, this will be a vehicle for those familiar with using positioning and forethought in their gameplay, rather than the spearhead of an attack.

That's all for now, hopefully we'll receive more information on new developments soon, this battle path appears to be one that will be packed with brand new vehicles.

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