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Future information on ground forces in War Thunder.

Today, Gaijin has answered a couple of community questions on ground forces, so let's get right into these answers and break it down quickly.

The New Zealand Bob Semple AFV will not be added.

They do not want to add the O-I and other associated Japanese Heavy tanks due to the lack of substantial information.

They will soon implement more advanced and modern French MBTs than the AMX-40, stay tuned to development blogs and information.

They are attempting to remove the Panther II and Tiger II 10,5cm but need to first implement replacement vehicles which is proving a problem.

B1 Centuaro variants such as the SPAAG "Draco" and 120mm gun are a possibility.

They are currently considering and working on modern Japanese AFVs, as almost all of them are currently considered for introduction.

The Israelis will not be added as their own separate tree as of right now. They do not meet criteria for starting a new tree.

The 2S6 "Tunguska" and it's weapon system is currently implemented as accurately as possible when it comes to it's firing and targeting method.

And that's all she wrote. Hopefully more information comes out soon, happy trails, tankers.

For more detailed information, the full Q&A can be found here:

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