Further progress for Tank Crew: Clash at Prokhorovka

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As development continues on this module of the IL2: Great Battles project, the developers talk about the in-development and upcoming features for the game...



With Bulletin 222, the current state of the Tank Crew project and its development begins with a mention of the ongoing work of enhancing the quality and fidelity of tank models, both visual and physical. The physical tank models now include many of the internal systems and their damage status, while the visual models have many new animations and functional instruments. Systems which have already been released have had their damage modeling improved, and a simple GUI damage notification system has been implemented for both systems and crewmen, meaning that players no longer have to guess whether that nasty-sounding hit bounced off harmlessly, or took out their non-player-controlled crewmen. These events will be displayed in the "technochat" log on screen.

As for future development, the developers plan to implement repairs, refueling and rearmament for tanks, and later aircraft, while in the next update the animated crews for the recently released Panzer III M and M4A2 will be implemented. 

In addition to this, the developers were also keen to demonstrate the progress on the Panzer III's crew, and the Panzer IV G's interior layout, both of which can be seen below.

Panzer III Crew:


Panzer IV G Interior:

As always, more information from Dev Diary 222 can be found here:


And historical information on the vehicles featured can be found here:




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