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This month's special boy? Tank destroyers!

So for May, Armored Warfare is coming out with its branch of the month as tank destroyers. This means that from the start of the month to the last day, a couple of tank destroyers will be hit with a lower price tag and a 30% discount to their Battle-Hardened status.

The Dragoon 300 Tier 3 TD - Discount of 35%

The LAV-300 Tier 4 TD - Discount of 35%

The ERC-90 F4 "Sagaie" Tier 5 TD - Discount of 35%

The LAV-600 Tier 6 TD - Discount of 35%

The Centauro 105 Tier 7 TD - Discount of 25%

The M1128 Stryker Tier 8 TD - Discount of 25%

The Centauro 120 Tier 9 TD - Discount of 20%

The B1 Draco Tier 9 TD - Discount of 20%

And that's all. Some of these vehicles are definitely powerhouses, and if the price tag was holding you back before, now is a great time to pick them up. 

A link to the official article including links to their official articles on these vehicles below as always.

and if you want historical information on some of these vehicles, check out the Tank Encyclopedia official articles on them!


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