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A Polish AFV from the Battle Path.

The third reward vehicle of four for the upcoming Battle Path, the Tier 8 Premium Polish BWP-2000.

An AFV, the protection isn't exactly spectacular. The front will be able to fight off autocannons but that's about it. Don't rush in unless you plan on going back to the hangar. The mobility however is another story, with a 780hp V-46-6 V-12 diesel engine, not the most powerful but there's also not much weight holding back, it'll make it to a top speed of 70 km/h.

But what distinguishes the BWP-2000 is its firepower, in a "T-60/70A" turret, (which doesn't have spectacular protection either, sorry.) is a rather large 60mm L/70 OTO 60/70. Creative name, we know. 

Fully stabilized and capable of firing APFSDS penetrating 350mm RHAe with a muzzle velocity of 1680m/s and a damage per shot value of 220, this one's packing. Loading from two 8 round drum-like magazines, with 32 rounds total, the gun has a fire rate of 60 rounds per minute and reloads the drum in 10 seconds. The gun elevates to 40 degrees and depresses to -6 degrees. The FCS was developed from the Ariete and Centauro vehicles with an accuracy similar to both.

It also comes with a simple soft-kill APS in the form of a SSC-1 Obra laser warning system connected to two banks of 80mm smoke grenade launchers. Its survivability in game will be enhanced thanks to both this and the increased hitpoint pool in game, thanks to its large size, comparable to the Bradley IFV.


But that's not all. The BWP-2000 also includes your two choices of Anti Tank Guided Missile- The American TOW ATGM with a tandem warhead and penetrating 850mm, two missiles launched with a 1 second delay and a 15 second reload or the Israeli SPIKE ATGM, also including a tandem warhead but penetrating 1000mm, two missiles lauched with a 1 second delay but reloading in 25 seconds with a self-homing ability.

It is said that these characteristics will likely change depending on vehicle testing, but that is still left to see.

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