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Bradley ADATS: Tunguska’s new rival? 

Want a guided missile to demolish tanks and aircraft alike? You got it! War Thunder is on the cusp of featuring an air defense anti-tank system based on the Bradley IFV chassis!

Heres some background on the Bradley ADATS:

The ADATS was developed at the end of the 1980’s as a general-purpose weapon capable of bringing down low-flying airborne targets as well as armoured opponents. Hence the abbreviation: Air Defence Anti-Tank System. The system was comprised of radar for detecting and tracking targets, a complex radio kit for coordinating multiple vehicles, and eight MIM-146 guided missiles in transport and launch containers. The US Army version was built on the Bradley IFV chassis and fitted with a 25mm auto cannon. Notwithstanding the fact that it was selected after a US Army competition for the Forward Area Air-Defence program, it was found to be excessively expensive to manufacture and never made it to serial production on the Bradley chassis.

ADATS (Bradley). Air defence anti-tank SPG system, USA, rank VII.

The Pros and Cons of this vehicle are:


  • One missile for any target!
  • Radar
  • Cannon capable of handling IFVs and anti-aircraft vehicles


  • Poorly armoured
  • Fairly prominent profile

The ADATS Bradley will appear in WarThunders update 1.89 at the rank VI of the USA ground vehicle tech tree. It’s average in terms of speed and maneuverability, its armour only stands up to bullets, and the massive ADATS dimensions make it pretty conspicuous, especially when the radar antenna is active. But who cares about that when you have a 25 millimeter auto cannon and 8 missiles at the touch of your fingers? These missles can pen up to 900mm of armor! 


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