WarThunder: 9P149 “Shturm-S”

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9P149 “Shturm-S”, Guided missile launcher? Or just a bigger BMP? 

New Player in the rocket field!

The MT-LB is the well-known multi-purpose armored personnel carrier that was fitted with a huge variation of armament, including the “Shturm-S” missile system, which was capable of destroying heavily armored targets.

Here’s some history on this odd vehicle:

The MT-LB, also known as “Mnogotselevoy Tyagach Legky Bronirovanny” in Russian (which stands for “Multi-Purpose Towing Vehicle Light Armored”), has been mass-produced since 1966. The vehicle was primarily used as an artillery tractor that acted as a means of transport of the gun crew and ammunition complements. However, as it happens with every well-designed platform, the carrier ultimately became a base for all kinds of armament sets. In the early 70s, the USSR began development of an anti-tank hypersonic missile system with a strike range of up to 5,000 meters for armored targets. The system received the designation “Shturm” and was intended to be equipped on both air and ground units. In the end, it was the MT-LB that was chosen as the base for the former role. In 1979, the new ground combat vehicle was put into service under the designation 9P149 “Shturm-S”.


9P149 «Shturm-S». Anti-tank missile carrier, USSR/Russia for rank VII 


  • “Shturm” and “Ataka” ATGMs
  • Very low profile
  • Swims! (capable of travelling across water like the BMPs and PT-76)


  • Poor defense
  • Easy prey from the air 

The 9P149 “Shturm-S” will join the ranks of the Soviet rocket systems as a lethal and stealthy hunter of the enemy heavy armor.  Its light weight enables the vehicle to be highly mobile and travel at a speed of 60 km/h or Nearly 38mph when moving forward and 10 km/h or 6mph when going in reverse. Moreover, its low profile and lack of any kind of superstructures (not counting the launch system) allows the 9P149 to stay stealthy even in relatively flat terrain. The vehicle is only fitted with protection against bullets – even its most-Armored spots have a thickness of 14 mm, and the reason for that is because the 9P149 was never intended to be deployed at the frontlines.

The rocket projectile is able to pen 800mm equivalent of rolled Homogeneous armor. This vehicle will be added in the up and coming update 1.89! 


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