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Alvis Stormer HMV: Brand new top tier AA for Britain! 

The Stormer HVM is one of the most modern and unusual anti-aircraft missile systems in the game. 16 guided missiles, each one capable of dividing into three guided tungsten rounds containing explosives! 

Heres some history on this fancy machine:  

In the mid 1980’s it became clear that supersonic aircraft and strike helicopters proved to be dangerous against ground troops. To counter these threats back in 1986, the British Ministry of Defence began development of the “Starstreak HVM” (High Velocity Missile) anti-aircraft missile system. The production was done by the Shorts Missile Systems company. On the 1st of September in 1997, the famous Starstreak anti-aircraft missile system had been put into service by the British Army. Initially it was developed in 3 different variants: portable, stationary and mobile, although later they additionally developed an air version but it didn’t find a practical application.

The armored personnel carrier Stormer was created by using the propulsion system, the transmission and chassis of the light scouting FV101 Scorpion tank for the mobile version of the system. In 1975 on the base of this armored personnel carrier, the self-propelled anti-tank missile system FV102 Striker was created. Since the vehicle proved itself well, it was decided to additionally create the self-propelled anti-aircraft system Alvis Stormer HVM on its platform.

HVM Stormer,SPAA, Britain, VII rank

Here’s some pros and cons:


  • Unique AA missiles
  • Good speed


  • High profile
  • Weak defense

In War Thunder the Alvis Stormer HVM anti-aircraft missile system will be the first anti-aircraft system for Great Britain! Not only the first, but also the most modern and unique in the game. The behavior of the vehicle is equal to the already existing FV102 Striker - same good dynamics, same light armor. But this time your target will be helicopters and jets. Especially as the Stormer has a launcher boasting 8 guided missiles which will use a laser targeting system. The warhead of these missiles being three dart kinetic impactors, each of them carry a small amount of explosive mass which ensure guaranteed target destruction after penetration.

This vehicle will be out in the next WarThunder update 1.89! 


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