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With the upcoming update to IL2 Great Battles, owners of Tank Crew will see a large amount of new content added to the module...

In the next few weeks, the upcoming major update to IL2 Great Battles will be released. While the other modules in the Great Battles series will recieve plenty of additions, such as the Messerschmitt Me 262 for the Battle of Bodenplatte and a pair of fighters for the Flying Circus module, it is the Tank Crew module which will by far be recieving the most important additions, as along with a new tank a series of features new to the simulation will be trialled.

First, a look at the new tank, the T-34-76 UVZ mod.1943. Where the previously added indigenous Soviet tank, the KV-1s, was a heavily armoured yet still adequately mobile behemoth, the T-34-76 will have to rely on its mobility and the skill of the crew (whether that be a single player, or multiple working in conjunction) in order to bring its 76mm gun into a position where it can inflict damage upon the heavier German vehicles. However, its sloped armour will still prove effective against its opposite number(s), the Panzer III and IV. Now, for some images of this new vehicle:

However, this will not be the only new addition to the Tank Crew module. An improved tank damage model is currently in testing, and will be introduced in the next update, along with visual UI feedback for damage (similar to the damage log featured in the air combat modules). The full list of damageable modules are as follows:


-Cooling Systems (Coolant leaks will result in eventual engine overheat and damage)

-Oil Tanks (Oil leaks can lead to a risk of fire)

-Fuel tanks (Fuel leaks will also increase the risk of fire, with the risk being greater for petrol rather than diesel engines)

-Transmission and Gearbox (Can lead to longer gear shift times, inability to change gear, and complete transmission failure)

-Steering (More difficult turning)

-Electric System (Engine start failure, failure of powered turret traverse, internal and external lighting, and the radio)

-Both tracks (Obviously)


-Main traverse system and manual traverse systems

-Gun mounting

-Main gun

-Machine guns


Interestingly, along with this damage system, there will be the addition of a field repair mechanic for both tanks and aircraft. The crew will be able to perform repairs to damaged systems so long as the vehicle is not totally destroyed. Furthermore, mission creators will be able to assign certain AI-controlled vehicles as repair and ambulance vehicles in order to accelerate this process, and in the Summer update there are plans to expand this to refuelling, water and oil topups.

As always, more information can be found here:

And historical information on the vehicle can be found here:


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