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With the Common Test for WoT 1.6 now upon us, we take a look at the content and adjustments coming to the game when the Update release...

Now that the Common Test has arrived and is underway, we'll be taking a look at the new content and game tweaks arriving in World of Tanks Update 1.6, including an entire new Branch for fans of British vehicles, and some very welcome news for players with a bit of a shell-magnet.

British Light Tanks:

First, a look at the new additions as regards vehicles, the British Light Tank branch. Following on from the Cromwell at Tier VI, the line is based around the concept of high-mobility, high-stealth vehicles with punchy but slow-firing guns best suited to firing from stationary concealed positions.

Firstly, at Tier VII is the GSR 3301 Setter, part of the General Staff project which led to the design of the CVR (T) with its iconic Scorpion, Scimitar and Striker vehicles. This is immediately obvious to anybody who looks at the vehicle, with its front-engine rear-turret design shared by the CVR (T) and armed with a 75mm HV L/40. 

Following the Setter at Tier VIII is the LHMTV, originating from a project looking at developing an air-transported Light Tank. Reminiscent on an aesthetic level of the existing French Light Tanks in WoT, it's armed with an 85mm HV L/40, and rather than the multi-shot capability of the French line will be most adept at relocating quickly between firing positions and loosing single shots. 

At Tier IX, we have the extensively named GSOR3301 AVR FS, returning to the pre-CVR (T) project line and aesthetic. Armed with a 90mm Cockerill cannon for gameplay purposes (although a low-velocity 90mm was deemed feasible by the project leads), this vehicle is incredibly small in stature, promising to be one of the most diminutive vehicles in the game. Perhaps its long name is compensating for its size...

Finally, at the top of the line is the Tier X "Manticore", an a-historical name attributed to a genuine STT proposal for a Light Tank known as "Chimera". Suffering the most from the adjustments Wargaming has been known to make to vehicles for the sake of "Balance" and powercreep, the Manticore is a very unusual machine aesthetically, armed with a 105mm cannon which looks proportionally more like one of the formidable 183mm guns on the FV 215b 183 or the FV 4005. 

Cosmetic Adjustments:

Breaking away from the new vehicles, one of the other interesting changes coming in Update 1.6 is to the Customisation system. Intended to make the whole process more intuitive and simple to use, the method of moving selected decals and removing them has been overhauled, and a series of tooltips hav ebeen added to guide players. It's not only overhauling usability, however. New "Multi-Dimensional" decals which can be applied to specific portions of various tanks at Tier X and VIII, and a fresh set of "Classic" Square Decals, are also being added.

Personal Missions:

Various changes are also being made to the Personal Missions for both the "Second Front" and "Long Awaited Backup" missions. For the Second Front Campaigns, allowing you to earn the Object 279E and the "Chimera" tanks, the conditions for many missions have been simplified in order to reduce the player's reliance on factors outside of their control (allied player skill being one of the main facets of this change), while playing more of a focus on personal skill. For the "Long Awaited Backup" missions, however, the changes are in regards to the Stun mechanic tweaks which came to the SPG class in previous patches, reducing the requirements of SPG missions that task you with stunning enemy vehicles or dealing assistance damage via stunning. 

Team Damage!

Finally, in a change long awaited by many, Team Damage has finally been removed from Random Battles. No longer will you be penalised by your stray 183mm HESH shells flying wide and destroying your ally's tank in one shot, or by some over-eager scout charging into your Arty target despite your marking the shot. There is a caveat to this, however. While accidental shots will no longer be punished, repeated attempts to attack enemy vehicles will cause the player to be marked as a "Team-killer", and they will lose their immunity to team damage. The same can be said of careless SPG players, who while they cannot inflict direct damage can still stun allied vehicles, and should take care to not fire willy-nilly into close quarters knife fights.


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