Operation HEAT: The AUBL/74 HVG

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A look at the main prize for tankers in Operation H.E.A.T!

With the upcoming release of Operation H.E.A.T for War Thunder on the 2nd comes a new premium vehicle for Italy; The AUBL/74 HVG.

The AUBL/74 HVG is the same AUBL/74 in the Italian tech tree right now with two major changes: A two-plane stabilizer and a brand new 60mm high velocity gun firing APFSDS shells. It will be a tier 5 premium vehicle for the Italian ground forces tech tree. If you like the AUBL/74, this will be a straight upgrade for you, a great vehicle overall.

To unlock this vehicle you will have to participate in the Operation H.E.A.T event, acquiring 10 "Marks Of Distinction for Tankers" by completing 3 tasks for each. Acquiring 11 "Marks of Distinction" will award you with a special camouflage for the AUBL/74 HVG.

Looking like a great boon for Italian tankers and those looking to get into the Italian tree, just make sure to keep your air conditioning on.

For more in depth information on the vehicle's implementation in War Thunder, check out the official devblog here.

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