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In this article, we'll be taking a look at the additions to the Tank Crew module of IL2 which arrived in the recent Update 3.102...

First up, the main event; the addition of the Panzer IV Ausf G for the German side of the module, featuring a new-to-the-sim autonomous traverse mechanism powered by a dedicated petrol motor. This vehicle, in the sim, will strike a balance between the killing power of the heavier vehicles such as the Tiger, and the mobility but reduced armour of the Panzer III. 

While this is the only vehicle being added to the sim for Tank Crew, the other two arriving in this update being WWI-era Biplanes for the Flying Circus module, there have been a series of improvements to the simulation;
-Main tank gunfire sounds will not be skipped when firing at maximum rate of fire
-Tank traverse systems on player vehicles are now subject to damage modelling
-Switching between main and backup gunsights on player vehicles will now happen correctly
-The UI to prevent players taking over your positions will now function correctly
-Chalk slopes and forests on the Prokhorovka map won't visibly appear and disappear

As always, more information on the update can be found at the following link:
And historical information on the relevant vehicles can be found here:

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