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With the Dev Server opening for War Thunder update 1.91, a post has gone up on the forums with the preliminary Update notes for the "Night Vision" patch...

The Devblog for Update 1.91 has gone live, with the preliminary Update notes for "Night Vision" being detailed in full. Here are some of the highlights:

-New vehicles introduced for 1.91 may have inaccuracies in characteristics
-Some new aircraft lack cockpits
-Some soundtracks may be unavailable in some events

Main Changes:
-NVD and Thermal Sights
-Chinese Ground and Air Trees
-Map Filter

Ground Vehicles:
-M48A2 C and Ostwind II (Germany)
-Object 685 (USSR)
-Type 75 SPG (Japan)
-SIDAM 25 (Mistral) and Ariete PSO (Italy)
-Panther "Dauphine" (France, Premium)
-A Whole Tree (China, including Premiums)

-F4C Phantom II, F89 D (Premium) and F-89B (Premium) (USA)
-G.91 R/3 (Germany)
-MiG-21 F-13 (USSR)
-Swift F.1 and F.7 (GB)
-F86K, Re.2005 serie 0, Vampire FB 52A, CL-13 Mk.4 (Italy)
-An Entire Tree (China, including Premiums)

-USS Atlanta CL-51 (USA)
-Admiral Hipper (Germany)
-Chapayev (USSR)
-HMS Arethusa (GB)
-IJN Mogami, Syonan (Japan)

-EC665 Tiger UHT, Mi-24P HFS 80 (Premium) (Germany)
-Wasp HAS.Mk.1, Scout AH.Mk.1, Lynx AH.Mk.1, G-Lynx (Pack) (GB)
-EC-665 Tiger HAP (Pack), EC-665 Tiger HAD (France)

-Palau Islands and Japanese Port for Naval Battles
-Cargo Port for Ground Battles

Enduring Confrontation:
-New EC missions for combined Naval battles and regular Naval Battles.

-Variety of damage model, characteristic and weapon changes for all three Game Modes.
-Localisation Changes
-AA Accuracy reduced (AI)
-M3 Bradley costs returned to normal
-New Customisation
-New Awards
-Interface Changes
-Capture Point bugfixx
-Sound Bugfixes
-Controls for Arcade Naval battles

As always, the following link will take you to the WT Forums for more information:

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