CM-11: Old and New

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A Taiwanese powerhouse

Today, Gaijin has officially announced the CM-11; a high tier Taiwanese tank to be implemented in 1.91 as part of the Chinese tree!

A hybrid of the hull of the M60A3 and the turret of the M48A1, protection against kinetic energy rounds at 9.0 isn't substantial by any means. It does however, have a ERA package that will help against chemical energy rounds. This does come with the downside of more weight, making a already sluggish tank potentially worse in the maneuverability department.

The CM-11 mounts a 105mm M68A1 gun, firing a brand new sub caliber round: The German made DM63 105mm shell, the most powerful 105mm round in game, penetrating 478mm of RHA steel at 0 degrees, 100 meters. While certainly not a maneuver warfare vehicle nor a bastion of armor, it has the round to crack open almost any shell in game.

And of course since 1.91 will now introduce fire control systems as a more important part of gameplay, it is important to note that the CM-11 has the FCS of the early variants of the M1 Abrams tank, so while low quality, you will be receiving thermal and IR capability.

Certainly a good option for anyone planning to climb the ranks with the Chinese, it'll be hard to miss out on this vehicle.

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