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With WG Fest behind us now, we take a look at the most important answers from the QnA session at the event...

WG Fest has seen many announcements come out for World of Tanks, including a large QnA session with the developers. There is a summation of the important info given out:

-New minigames will be coming "next week" to help players complete dog tag collections.
-Wargaming is bringing their own version of RTX to the game so that it can be made available to all players, with better quality shadows that don't require the new wave of GPUs. EnCore will be updated and players will be able to download it to test new graphics.
-Premium shells rework was successful during Sandbox, with 80% of players liking the changes. A third iteration will be coming soon, with no invitation required, to test HE.
-A new branch of Soviet vehicles will be added to the game "soon", with twin-gun machines. Supertest will receive the new tanks soon to perform testing. (This has been talked about in our previously published article on the new Object coming to Supertest.)
-Steel Hunter was well received and it will return next year, with some changes.
-A brand new event is coming, with a new map and enhanced AI for the Halloween period. Bots from the "Homefront" event were a test of AI awareness and it was well received. The new event was assisted by the director of the classic Silent Hill games.
-Service Rewards will be returning to reward long-term players, with greater rewards for the most veteran of players.
-The Anonymizer will be effective against XVM, as it hides the players ID. WG also suggest that other players will not be able to tell if a player is using this system.
-There is no current plan for Tier IX premiums, but it may happen "in a far future".
-Wargaming is focusing on bringing new mechanics into the game, so we may see a few new branches added soon, rather than adding new Nations which would just be "more of the same".
-MM Templates "work and have fixed the Tier VIII versus Tier X" issue. WG is now working on changes for where special events may affect MM, and the next step will be to fix SPG per battle. This means less with 3 SPGs per team, and more with only 2 or 1.
-PvE is being developed and will be coming to the game on a permanent basis.
-Type 5 changes have been successful, and both guns are similar in capability. Similarly the FV 4005 changes have altered playstyle without compromising effectiveness too much. The STB changes work well, and the tank is very good now.
-Object 430U changes were canceled as they "did not show any promising resutls." WG doesn't want to overnerf the tank, and thus seeks to avoid the usual nerf/buff cycle.
-No plans are in place to change RNG from 25%.
-After the shell rebalance, "SPG changes might come". 
-French ACs are not planned to be changed any time soon, they are under "constant monitoring" but are comparable to other light tanks.
-British light tanks were "designed to be played in a particular way, and seem to be performing well." 


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