Object 703 II: Working Stats

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With the Object 703 II now in supertest, we take a look at its present stats...

The test vehicle for the twin-gun functionality to be added into WoT in the near future (potentially), the Object 703 II can likely be taken as a "blueprint" for how the rest of this line will function, at least in the Soviet Tree. 

The tank contains several extra stats compared to other vehicles, and their function is as follows:
-Preparation for Single Shot = Time before both guns fire when holding the mouse (in this case, 3.5s).
-Reloading Lock Time = Time after firing both guns simultaneously, that must elapse before the reload timer starts (in this case, 7s).
-Gun Changing Time, I am not 100% sure on. This may be the time it takes for the player to switch between which gun is active, or it may be a delay between firing the first and second guns when not firing simultaneously.

In addition, we now have a few HD screenshots of the machine:

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