New Developments: Leclerc "T4", a French Powerhouse

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New development information on the later French vehicles has been shown in a article recently, more specifically, the Leclerc "T4"(Name of the new turret, not the variant), the French tree's new tier 10, discussing both its history and its implementation in game. 

The vehicle itself will be, as most other tier 10 vehicles, an experimental type, mounting a new turret with a 140mm and a autoloader. It's armor will be thinner than other MBTs at its tier, trading off armor for mobility. 

It's implementation is also affected by its special ability: The Battlefield Management System, the closer you are to teammates, the more effective you will be overall, with improvements to accuracy and aim speed, as such, this is a tank meant for playing with your team, rather than sitting back.

More in depth information on the Leopard T4s development in real life and in game can be found at the following link:

And if you want more historical information on the Leclerc series as a whole, pay a visit to our article on it:


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