What have we been up to this week? It has been a quiet and productive week! Several new writers and illustrators joined us and the front page slider is back! We published articles covering the FV4018 Centurion BARV, H.G. Wells’ ‘Land Ironclads’ and the Dovunque 35 blindato! Check them out! We also have a look at a new tank game!

FV4018 Centurion BARV
H.G. Wells’ ‘Land Ironclads’
Dovunque 35 blindato ‘Spa Dovunque 35 APC

TE Shop

Video sources: Craig Moore, harry4468, TilTuli, Associazione Raggruppamento SPA

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Narco Tanks
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5 Responses to Tanks Encyclopedia Weekly Report #13

  1. Brody says:

    Good week I’d say, enjoyed reading the articles!

  2. Joshua says:

    God Bless you all. If I had a patreon I promise you I’d donate quite the Chunk of change.

  3. Vanders says:

    Waiting patiently for that P43 bis article!

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