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Spain (nationalists) 1937
Light Tank prototype

Design of the CCI tipo 37

The Carro de Combate de Infanteria Tipo 1937, or infantry Combat Tank type 1937, was a Spanish prototype built by the naval base at Sestao for the Nationalist Forces. Only one prototype was made, armed with an Italian Breda 20 mm (0.79 in) autocannon and twin Hotchkiss light machine guns in the hull.

The complete drivetrain (front drive sprockets, rear idlers, bogies, suspension and roadwheels, even tracks, were directly taken from the Italian CV 33/35 tankette and modified, stretched out for the bogie main support. However, the hull was not much longer, but it was higher, in order to fit a two-man turret (for a total crew of four, including the driver and hull gunner). The CCI was propelled by a MAN 100hp engine, which gave a top speed of 36 km/h (22 mph).


The prototype exceeded all field test expectations (overcoming trenches, climbing walls…) and all mechanical and armament requirements also. Mass production was so close that reports already mentioned a first batch order for 30 units. However, a single, but important flaw was discovered: the poor quality armor could not withstand even 7.92 mm (0.31 in) bullet fire. Therefore, the project was cancelled and the chassis was converted into an artillery tractor now exhibited in Toledo. To make matters worse, Italy thought this model was a CV 33 rip-off and a settlement was asked for unauthorized licence production.


  • Weight & Dims: 3t, 4 x2 x2 m
  • Engine: MAN 100hp, 36 kph
  • Armament: Breda 20 mm, 2x Hotchkiss 0.65 mm LMG
CCI Tipo 37
CCI Tipo 37
CCI 37 photo
Closeup photo at the Sestao naval base.
Tanque Barbastro
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