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IS-2-II Details and Dual-Gun Release

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World of Tanks Update 1.7 is approaching, and will bring with it four new vehicles with the dual-gun mechanic. We'll be looking in-detail at one of them: The IS-2-II...

The IS-2-II will be the first tech-tree vehicle with dual guns to be implemented in the game. Sitting at Tier VIII and branching off from the KV-3, the vehicle looks like it's going to be an ungodly horror to actually progress through, as it will come stock with a pair of 85mm D-5TD guns, which will perform worse than the top 85mm gun on the Tier VI T-34-85. 

Statistics (Fully Upgraded):

Average Damage: 300/300/360
Average Pen: 221/256/50
Rate of Fire: 4.26 rounds/min
Reload Time: 14.09s
Gun Traverse Speed: 27.12 deg/s
Gun Depression/Elevation: -7/20
Aim Time: 2.68s
Dispersion: 0.38
DPM: 1,277

Hit Points: 1,500
Hull Armour: 110/90/60
Turret Armour: 235/140/120

Weight/Load Limit: 50.95/55.5
Engine Power: 750hp
Power/Weight: 14.72 hp/t
Top Speed: 34km/h
Reverse Speed: 12km/h
Hull Traverse: 31.29deg/s

Concealment and Spotting:
Stationary %: 6.38/1.4
Moving %: 3.19/0.7
View Range: 350m
Signal Range: 625m


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