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S-Tanks for War Thunder

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With the recent announcement of the Swedish Tree coming to War Thunder, we're taking a look at the first of the famous S-Tanks to come to the game...

Coming in as a Rank V Premium, the Strv 103-0 sports a Bofors 105mm L74 cannon, mounted directly to the hull and aimed through the hydro-pneumatic suspension for which the vehicle is famous. Loaded through an autoloaded system, capable of an in-game firerate of 4 seconds, the tank will have access to the full range of ammunition times available to NATO vehicles of the period. 

Mobility wise, the vehicle will be able to reach up to 50 km/h forward, and 44 km/h in reverse, with a "hull aiming" mode enabled by default that allows for a quick transition between moving and engaging your enemies. 

The survivability of the vehicle is....interesting. The hull of the tank is incredibly thin, but also incredibly angled, meaning that many traditional armour-piercing shells will struggle to penetrate due to the extreme angle. A feature which will be most infuriating for many players, those attempting to kill it at least, is the fact that the Strv will be the first vehicle that will be able to (intentionally) drive and shoot with a single crewmember left alive, without the delay from switching positions. 

More details on the 103 as it's coming to the game can be found at the following link:


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