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Dev Blog #236 for Il-2 Great Battles

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Now that the New Year has finally passed, IL2's devs have made their first Devblog of the year, discussing features and improvements coming soon to the sim...

As 2020 begins, the IL2 devs are mostly working on the upcoming Battle of Normandy expansion for the simulation, which will bring with it a host of iconic aircraft such as the P-51, the Mosquito, and even the Arado 234, the infamous German jet bomber which saw brief, limited service during this period. 

The map which will be included within this expansion stretches from the shores and lands of Western France, all the way to the South of England, which will allow players to craft all manner of missions to accurately recreate the aerial component of Operation Overlord. 

Initial 3D Modelling work has begun on some of the aircraft in the expansion, along with research on the new map, and design documents on the new buildings, ground vehicles, ships and motorboats that will act as scenery (and targets) for players when the expansion launches. 

In addition to this, the developers are investigating the possibility of moving the rendering system over to "Deferred Shading" technology, although this is not guaranteed to happen at this point.

Finally, we have some details about the upcoming Update 4.004. Bringing a host of improvements to the already released projects, such as additional airfields and visual improvements to the rivers and canals of the Rheinland map, the update will also introduce the Panzer V Ausf D, "Panther", to the Tank Crew module, leaving only the SU-152 and "Ferdinand" SPGs to be implemented, and bringing the module ever closer to completion. 


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