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Developer Diary #273 for IL2 Great Battles

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The latest Dev Diary from the realms of IL2 brings with it some progress updates on an eagerly anticipated aircraft...

One of a series of Collector Aircraft coming to the simulator in the near future, the Hurricane Mark II is probably one of the most widespread aircraft of the war, both in terms of the regions and air-forces in which it saw service and in terms of the number of roles it was applied to throughout its lifespan. From fighter, to bomber-hunter, fighter-bomber to anti-tank strike fighter, and even carrier aircraft, this formidable plane served from the outset of the war until its very end.

The aircraft will be available in five distinct variants when it comes to the sim:
-Mark IIa, armed with 8 .303 Browning machine guns.
-Mark IIb, armed with 12 .303 Brownings
-Mark IIc, armed with 4 20mm Hispano cannons
-Mark IId, armed with a pair of 40mm Vickers-S Guns and 2 Browning MGs
-A Mark II lend-lease with Soviet weaponry, sporting 2 12.7mm MGs, 2 20mm ShVAK cannons, and the option of mounting Soviet bombs and rockets.

The current 3d models are at an early stage of development, showing the Mark IIc variant of the Hurricane with basic shape but little texturing.

As always, more information can be found at the following link, along with a lot more images of the in-progress plane:

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