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War Thunder World-War Mode: BA-11

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With the return of the World War Mode imminent for War Thunder, we take a look at one of the reward vehicles that will be available for those who take part...

Developed on the basis of the ZIS-6 truck, the BA-11 armoured car is relatively heavily armoured by comparison to contemporary vehicles of its type, and in some areas is superior to some Soviet light tanks of the era. Armed with a 45mm 20-K cannon, and capable of 64 km/h top speed on roads and 26 km/h off-road, the vehicle will be quite interesting within the setting of the game, being mobile and relatively well armed for its role. 

Players will be able to earn this vehicle through participation in the World War events, about which more information can be found on the War Thunder website. 

As always, more information on the vehicle's inclusion into the game can be found at the following link:

And for historical information, check out the Tank Encyclopedia article at the following link:

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