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Dev Blog #242 for IL2: Great Battles

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Off the back of recent news about Battle of Normandy and the 4k textures for some of the older planes in the sim, the Devs show off the progress on the SU-152 and Ferdinand for Tank Crew...

As always, progress is cracking on with all the aspects of the Great Battles sim, but this time around the devs have shown us the progress of the Ferdinand and the SU-152 models, as well as discussing some of the upcoming functionality improvements coming in Update 4.005.

First, the new features. The coming update will bring with it a series of important improvements for the Tank Crew module, as well as the introduction of the commander binoculars shown off in previous Dev-Blogs. Later on, they will introduce indirect fire capability for self-propelled guns, allowing players to calibrate their fire by inputting the range and traverse-angle of the gun, as well as new quick mission types for tank commanders. There will also be improved damage calculations for detailed and non-detailed tanks introduced in 4.005.

Now, for the progress on the tanks. Both are in the early stages of modelling, so neither currently appear as they will in the finished product, but it gives us a good look at how far along they are in the process, and a bit of a look at just how big the Ferdinand is, and the general shape of the SU.




As always, more information can be found here:

And historical information on the two vehicles can be found here:

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