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New Soviet Cruisers in World of Warships

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In a move that has caused great controversy amongst players, Wargaming and Lesta have decided to completely rework the Soviet Cruiser line in World of Warships.

In a move that has caused great controversy amongst players, Wargaming and Lesta have decided to completely rework the Soviet Cruiser line in World of Warships. Many players have expressed both shock and anger at this decision as many quite simply do not see the move as necessary and believe that Wargaming should instead focus their efforts on both improving balance and implementing lines for other nations such as the long-awaited and requested Italian Battleship and Destroyer lines. Despite these reservations as has been previously stated this will indeed be the next line, so what exactly is changing about the line one may ask, well without further ado lets get into it.

First and foremost, the current lineup (left) and the new lineup (right):

As one can see the old lineup certainly seems quite solid however WG has decided to make some changes. First off, the Tier 5 Russian Cruiser Kirov will be made into a premium ship and replaced. The reasoning for this is twofold. First off, the caliber jumps from Svetlana to Kirov and from Kirov to Budyonny quite simply do not make sense as one goes from 152mm guns to 180mm guns and then back to 152mm guns which causes a bit of imbalance in the line progression. The other aspect is that Kirov’s playstyle differs greatly from the 152mm gun armed Cruisers as she tends to be a heavier hitting ship with a long reload instead of the HE spamming Cruisers that one gets used to in the rest of the line. For these reasons Kirov will be made into a Tier 5 Premium Ship (If you have the ship currently you will get the replacement for free as well as the Premium for free) and her place the new Russian Tier 5 Cruiser Kotovosky

 (For those wondering about the history of these ships, there will be a separate article on them in the future).

The second major change will be the removal of the Project 66 Heavy cruiser Moskva from the tree (she will be made into a ship available for Coal in the armory). In the line, Moskva’s spot will be taken by the Project 84 Light Anti-Aircraft cruiser Alexander Nevsky. As such this new line will be constant in terms of gun size and caliber with the line starting with 152mm guns and ending with 180mm guns.

As part of the split, the second line of Heavy cruisers will be added as well going from Tier 8 up to Tier 10 which will feature guns ranging from 180mm to 220mm.

The three ships that will be added for the Heavy Cruiser line are the Tallinn, Riga, and Petropavlovsk which are Project 83 (Ex-Admiral Hipper class Lutzow), Project 82 (1943) and Project 82 (1947-49)

As per the official World of Warships Devblog, the main feature of these new ships will be their effective armor-piercing shells. They also have high armor penetration for cruisers, good ballistics, and a short arming threshold, which lowers the number of overpenetrations. These shells will be effective against both cruisers and battleships.

These strengths, of course, are offset with an average reload time and special accuracy settings: as range increases, shell dispersion grows faster than that of other cruisers. Access to the Surveillance Radar consumable also makes them most effective at a medium range.

As always please note that all the information provided here is preliminary and is and will change at any point in the future.

For now, no release date has been announced for these but if you want Moskva or Kirov before the split then now would be a good time to start grinding are rushing your way to the top. As always more detail will soon follow.










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