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World of Warships US BB Line Split

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The second oldest Battleship line in the game gets a new spark of life soon in World of Warships, with a sprinkling of new ships and a whole new sub-line...

As the second-oldest Battleship line in the game, the American Battleships are generally considered to still be solid ships, however they have also suffered more from power creep than some other lines have, due in part to this vintage.

The new ships will begin after the Tier VII USS Colorado, which is currently present in the game and is considered to be a slow, somewhat fragile, yet supremely punchy little battleship with her 16inch guns and low top speed.

The first in the line is the Tier VIII USS Kansas, followed by the Tier IX USS Minnesota and the Tier IX USS Vermont. They will follow on in the footsteps of the Colorado with devastating broadsides (the Vermont can sling 12x18inch shells at the target in any one broadside), at the cost of a long reload time, low speed and relatively light armour.

They will also be getting a new Tier VII Premium, the USS Florida, which will play more like the battleships Champagne and Slava, with good accuracy, weak armour and relatively high citadels.

As per usual, more information on the upcoming ships can be found at the following link, which includes detailed statistics of each not included here. We'll be back soon to bring you a breakdown of the historical background behind some of the latest ships to be added to the game, and upcoming vessels such as these.

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