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WoT Blitz on Switch

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The mobile, cut-down version of the game, WoT Blitz is coming to a new platform...

Wargaming's first release on a Nintendo platform, WoT Blitz, is now available for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. We'll take a look at the specifications and claimed performance of the game, as well as an intro bundle available to all new players.

Control wise, you utilise the controllers in battle and the garage, and can use the touch screen to navigate the garage, and g-sensor aiming on both the portable version and the Pro Controller is also available.

There is no Team Chat available, however the Garage chat menus are available, and cross-platform matchmaking is available by default (although it can be disabled, restricting you to matchmaking with only players on the Switch, iOS, and Android.

In Mobile mode, the game can run at 720p 30fps, while in Docked mode the game supports 1080p 30fps. The game will take up 2.9Gb of space.

If you have a Wargaming ID already, you can use that on the Switch, but if you use your Nintendo Account you have the option to link it to your Wargaming ID.

Finally, if you get the game on the Switch before the 9th of September, you'll get a "Welcome Gift" bundle for free in the "Offers" tab, containing a T2 Medium Tank, a Garage Slot, 1,000 Gold, 3 days of Premium, and a special avatar/icon.

As always, more info can be found at the following link:



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