Return to the Frontlines in World of Tanks PC

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Frontline returns to World of Tanks PC with adjusted balance and rental discounts

The fourth episode of the Frontline game mode in World of Tanks PC begins on the 13th of May at 7:00 CEST and ends on May 20 at 04:00 CEST (TCT+2). Frontline is a new game mode that allows players to partake in epic 30v30 battles with large rewards and even the chance to earn a rare premium reward tank the Swedish EMIL 1951.

It is not too late for newer players who are interested in the event to Join up and win large amounts of rewards especially since in this episode players can purchase rental tanks to use for the event at a discounted price. For those who have already bought tanks in previous episodes all of that gold has been saved into a special fund. It does not matter what vehicles and for how long you have rented them now you can use this fund to expand your collection at a discounted rate, this rate will be calculated based on how much you have spent on renting vehicles gold wise.

Balance wise, changes have been made to several features including the Airstrike consumable. Regarding the Airstrike consumable due to it being one of the least used consumables it has had its damage and splash increased for better effects in order to make it more attractive but has had its penetration reduced. Meanwhile the side armor of the pillboxes has been increased from 165mm to 180mm in order to decrease the gameplay effectiveness of Light tanks, Tank destroyers, and any tank that can either get to the pillboxes very quickly or take them out at long distances. The engineering park is also now available for everyone although the speed bonus has been reduced to help the defending team especially at B point.

Level 1- From 1.6 to 1.5

Level 2- From 1.6 to 1.5

Level 3- From 1.8 to 1/7

Level 4- From 1.8 to 1.7

Level 5- From 2.0 to 1.8

Last but not least some respawn locations have been changed and players from the attacking team can now avoid situations where they are surrounded by the defending team at their base and are destroyed quickly. Respawn’s are now located farther away from the epicenter.


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