Il2 Great Battles, Update 3.101:

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This time around we discuss the additions to the Tank Crew: Clash at Prokhorovka project in Update 3.101, with new crew, a new Soviet vehicle, and more...

Update 3.101 contains a bevy of new additions and features, as well as tweaks to existing systems. Firstly, both the M4A2 and Panzer III Ausf M have received their crew models, giving them a more polished feeling than their initial implementations. Both crews are highly detailed and accurate to the historical period, as well as the vehicles they are commanding. 

As well as crew additions, the module is receiving the final version of the T-34-76 UVZ 1943, along with its crew models, which will prove to be a very flexible and capable armoured combatant even against the heaviest German vehicles present on the battlefield if commanded with care and skill by the player/players controlling the crew. 

Along with the major additions of new crew and vehicles, there have been a long list of improvements made to all vehicles within the Tank Crew module. While the full list can be found at the link at the end of this article, here are a few of the most important ones:
-Many of the instruments within the tanks are now animated. These include ignition switches, starter buttons, radio dials and more. 

-Electrical and Hydraulic Powered Traverses have been added to the relevant vehicles (The former to the KV-1s and the T-34-76-UVZ, and the latter to the M4A2 and Tiger.) Should the mechanism be damaged, or the engine is off, or there is no electrical power (in the case of the Electrical Traverse), then the crew will utilise manual traverse (unless this is also damaged).

-Turret traverse speed will be affected by the inclination of the tank.

-Fuel or oil leaks can lead to fires which will kill the crew or detonate ammunition. Should a fire ignite within the tank, and a fire extinguisher is present, it will be extinguished within 2 seconds for automatic systems or 5 for manual.

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For historical information on the vehicles mentioned, head here:

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