Steam Summer Sale 2019

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Today marks the beginning of the Steam Summer Sales for 2019, here's a selection of some of the best games with prominent armoured combat...

With the Steam Summer Sales just starting, here's a list of some of the best games which are on sale, that feature armoured combat as a prominent mechanic:

-Arma 2 Complete Collection is on sale for 80% (£4.99 in the UK)

-Arma 3 is on sale for 66% and the Tank DLC is on sale for 33%, along with most of the other DLCs.

- Post Scriptum is on sale for 40% (£14.70 in the UK)

-Hearts of Iron IV is on sale for 60% Off (£13.99 in the UK)

-Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm is on sale for 75% (£3.74)

-Squad is on sale for 50% (£16.25)

-IL2 Great Battles, which contains the Tank Crew module, is on sale for various discounts depending on the exact module.


There are bound to be plenty more that we haven't covered here, so make sure to check Steam's store page for any new deals coming out

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