Ammo Rebalance Testing for WoT PC

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Testing on the Sandbox server continues for the upcoming Ammo Rebalance, and other associated adjustments...

Following feedback from the first period of testing on the Sandbox server, there have been a series of adjustments to the ammo rebalancing hopefully coming to the game in future. 

Remaining unchanged from the first testing period is the proposed HP improvement for low-tier vehicles, aiming to increase their survivability and reduce the "culture shock" of throwing tier IV tanks against tier VI vehicles.

During the tests, it was found that standard shells (as opposed to "Special", "Gold" or "Premium" rounds, as they are known to many long-term players) were far outperforming "Special" rounds, and as a result these "Special" rounds were rarely used. This is in contrast to the aim of the rework, which looks to balance the usage of Standard and "Special" rounds, Thus, in this next round of testing, the increase in damage given to the Standard shells is going to be reduced, varying depending on the particular vehicle. For example, the damage increase on the T-34 is reduced from 26% to 22%, the M26 Pershing is reduced from 31% to 21%, and the Grille 15 is reduced from 41% to 24%.

Health point changes to "third-line" TDs, such as the Grille 15 and other poorly armored vehicles, include a roughly 5% reduction in their health points, while SPGs will receive a roughly 10% reduction. 

On the topic of Artillery, the 22% increase in artillery shell damage became far too significant, and as such the damage increase has been reduced to only 11%. 

In various general changes, WG have stated that their intent for HE usage is that it is used mostly when firing on poorly armored, or a small percentage of their HP remaining, and as such HE should deal more damage than AP shells, but with less penetration. Thus, it is not being touched right now, but will be tested in future. 

Ammo rack capacity is another minor change. Tier I-VII vehicles have had their ammo capacity increased in order to account for the increase in health pools across the board, while those from tier VIII and above have not been touched yet pending further testing.

Further information on this testing can be found on The Daily Bounce:

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