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Heroes & Generals WWII Summer Sale

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After the recent ribbon sale, Reto Moto has decided to give H&G players another brake with another supply sale!

          This comes in the form of a month-long sale. Each week is separated with different discounts on different purchasable in-game items using gold. This week’s sales include a 50% discount on weapons, weapon modifications, tools, and veteran membership. This sale is in its early stages so there is little info on the next two week’s sales; Reto Moto does hints towards what the next sales will be for. Week 2 sales would be vehicle orientated and week 3 would be mainly cosmetically orientated. In the next following weeks, there shall be two other articles following these sales. 

          The main downfall of this week's sale is that it’s only considering gold, NOT CREDITS, to buy the equipment. This week’s sale does end soon, on the 18th of July. So there is little grind there could be done.



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