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Full (Test) Details of the Object 703 II

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Surprisingly, the stats for the new dual-gun Object 703 are already on the 1.6.1 Common Test...

The main characteristics of the vehicle are not particularly different to the version on Supertest (although the statistics regarding the new dual-gun mechanic are missing). In addition, WG are also using the same platform of the Object 703 in order to test a twin-100mm gun tank, with the obvious shorter reload time, double-shot prep, and "lock time" compared to the 122mm version. 

-Suspension and Turret are simply called "Object 703 Version II"
-Gun is the "122mm D-25TA"
-Engine is the "V-11-Kirovets 1"
-Radio is the 10RKM

-Tier VIII
-Hull Armour 120/85/60
-Turret Armour 175/100/90
-Penetration 221/270/61
-Damage 390/390/530
-4.81 Rounds per Minute
-12.46s Reload
-25.03 deg/s Turret Traverse
-18 Elevation, -5 Depression
-0.42 Accuracy
-2.97s Aim Time
-1,550 DPM
-Stats regarding aiming circle spread are unknown
-60t Weight, 65t Load Limit
-720hp Engine
-42km/h Forward, 20km/h Reverse
-72.12deg/s Chassis Traverse
-Terrain Resistance 1.0/1.1/2.0
-Stationary 6.27/1.19% Concealment
-Moving 3.14/0.6% Concealment
-360m View Range, 730m Signal Range
-4 Crew: Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader

Armour Layout:

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