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Operation "Shipyard" First Details

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War Thunder seems to be heading towards another grinding event, and the first ground-forces vehicle has been revealed...

The VT 1-2 was a German post-war project for a fast tank destroyer armed with the successful L/44 120mm Rheinmetall cannon. However, uniquely, the machine mounts two of them in the casemate of the vehicle, which combined with the high mobility of the vehicle may make up for the lack of armour protection. The individual guns cannot traverse, meaning that the hull of the tank must be traversed in order to aim at a target. Additionally, only the left cannon has an autoloader; the right is manually loaded and thus slower.

In-game the machine will be a Tier VI Tank Destroyer, with upgrades granding access to APFDS after the stock HEAT rounds.


As always, more information is available at the following link:

And feel free to leave your opinions in the comments. Does this seem like a vehicle you would want adding to the game, and what would make it worthwhile to you?

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