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Update 3.201 for Il2 Great Battles

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We'll be taking a look at the new content for Tank Crew: Clash at Prokhorovka coming in Update 3.201...

Update 3.201 is coming soon, and with it comes a whole load of improvements for the Tank Crew module of the Great Battles simulator project.

Firstly, object-marker occlusion will be implemented, hiding ground and aerial object markers when they are obscured by other moving objects, cockpit elements, hills, and other terrain features, which should allow the "markers on" mode to strike a better balance between fun and realism.

Next, the steering system for all turrets and closed-sight MGs (bow MG-34 for example) has been altered to function much like the M4A2 before, and a special overlay indicator has beena dded showing the set turret direction. Additionally, all player-controllable tanks now have improved engine startup procedures, both visually and audibly, while the Panzer IV and M4 have autonomous turret traverse mode functioning with effects and animation. Tank handling has been improved, and many have had interior and exterior details upgraded.

[Following video showcases the new engine start and offroad functionality]

Furthermore, two historical campaigns have been finished, with beta testing beginning next week. These campaigns will not just add missions to play through but new functionality such as ground-AI improvements and commander UI. This campaign will be released to all Tank Crew owners in October.

Finally, we have two in-progress renders of the upcoming SU-122 self-propelled-gun, which should give Soviet players some of the extra hitting power they've been missing.

And as a final bonus, a little bit of a snipped from what's coming to the Flying Circus module; the A7V and Mark IV tanks as targets for the various WWI aircraft in that module. While not driveable (yet) they could make for some fun easter-eggs on map maker's custom missions in the WWII modules. 


As always more information can be found at the following link:


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