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Update 3.102 Arrives

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Update 3.102 for IL2 Great Battles has just arrived. Here's the full list of what's in store...

This update is arriving with a large amount of new content for the general simulation, a lot of which will be especially pertinent to mission builders crafting scenarios for ground forces, but is also bringing a host of improvements for tank players. Here's the full rundown:
-BoBP = Battle of Bodenplatte 
-FC = Flying Circus
-TC = Tank Crew
New Aircraft and Objects:

-Tempest Mark V series 2 (BoBP)
-P-51 D-15 (BoBP)
-P-38-J25 (BoBP Premium)
-Rheinland Summer 1944 available in Quick Mission Builder (BoBP)
-Arras Spring 1918 in Quick Mission Builder (FC)
(Following are all "mission objects", or AI-controlled items)
-Willys MB
-M16 Self-Propelled AA
-Sd Kfz 7 Flakvierling 38 SPAA
-Flakvierling 38 AA
-M1A1 90mm AA
-US Searchlights and Landing Lights
-M5 3-inch AT Gun
-M1 155mm Howitzer
-JagdPz IV L/70 Tank Destroyer
-Infantry and AA .50MG 
(Following are new placeable models)
-New Western Europe town and village blocks
-New Industry blocks
-New unique buildings for Rhineland and Arras
-New country selection screen including WWI and II nations present (or present in future) in the Sim.

Visual Improvements:

-Aircraft and Ships are visible from much farther away, theoretically up to 100km in the presence of fire, contrails or ship's wake.
-New "Distant Buildings" option added.
-Object Markers can be blocked by landscape and objects, including your own aircraft or vehicle.
-Static Object rendering optimisation
-Sun glare from distant aircraft is more visible
-Fire can be visible inside the cockpit on single and triple engine planes
-It's possible to display a customisable photo in all aircraft cockpits and tank cabins
-Collimator Sight Reticle has been improved for all planes

[Skipping over Aircraft Improvements]

AI Improvements:

-AI aims better at distant steadily flying targets
-AI better distribute enemy targets amongst themselves
-AI with speed advantages attempt to maintain said advantage
-Combat turns, spirals and banking maneuvers are performed more aggressively
-AI won't switch too frequently, distorting planned tactics
-Criteria for choosing maneuvers in a dogfight updated
-AI keeps formation better

Tank Improvements:

-Offroad shaking made more natural
-All tanks use M4A2 aiming method
-Engine startup sequence now animated (Master switch, excess pressuve valve, manual fuel pump, wobble pump, caution signal)
-Inner visual effects are not affected by tank movements
-Engine exhaust effect improved
-Drive gauges, turret instruments and MG elements are now animated in MP
-Direction Controllability improved
-APHE rounds cause more damage to internal components after armour penetration
-Visual effect of the turret traverse motor exhaust added to Panzer IV G and M4A2
-KV-1s and Panzer III M commanders can now fire signal rockets through a small hatch in the roof when the commander's hatch is closed
-Engine startup sound on KV-1s and T-34-76 UVZ (1943) depends on the starter type used (Main electric or backup pneumatic).
-Inner details and texturing improved on KV-1s and Panzer VI Ausf H1
-Panzer III M, IV G and VI H1 bow MGs now use the M4A2 aiming method
-Alternate DT MG gunner aiming more on KV-1s through a periscope (in addition to regular gunsight aiming)
-KV-1s commander and radioman can now aim through a visor
-M4A2 turret traverse can be powered by the dedicated generator
-M4A2 first person view height corrected for driver and MG gunners "unbuttoned"
-Visible (from driver seat) rotation of steering drive shaft corrected on Panzer IV G
-Panzer III M fuel or oil fire effects corrected
-Firing port in the panoramic gunsight armour added on KV-1s
-Air inlets of the engine compartment added on KV-1s
-Slits in driver visor on KV-1s decreased in open position

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