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Dev Blog #234 for IL2: Great Battles

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The latest Dev Blog has released, detailing some of the content coming to the Sim in the upcoming Update 4.001...

The next Update, 4.001, will be bringing with it three major gameplay elements for the Tank Crew module of IL2: Great Battles; Scenario Campaigns, Tank and Platoon Commanding, and Radio Messages.

Firstly, the Command system. Commands will be able to be given as a Commander to either your own crew, your entire Platoon, or to a single tank within the Platoon. Some commands require targeting a specific enemy, while other commands are general and don't need such targeting. 

Secondly, the historical campaigns, depicting the Battle of Prokhorovka from both the German and Soviet sides. Each campaign consists of 10 missions, recreated using combat reports and the latest work of both Russian and Western historians in order to nail down the details of location, time, weather, unit strength and more. 

Finally, some screenshots taken from the Campaign:


As always, more info can be found at the following link:

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