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WZ-120-1G FT

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     The Chines WZ-120-1G FT is on sale now. $49.99 USD and you can get this over-powered tier Vlll premium tank with every single Equipment slot unlocked, and you will get the Ferocious Rhino Legendary Avatar.

   Because of this tanks sloped armor, it makes it a tough opponent to pen from the front. Trying to circle around in a light tank is a big mistake because of the WZ's insane maneuverability. If your playing in a layered armored tank like the Super Pershing, just forget about 1v1'ing this thing for it will pen you no matter how hard you try to angle.

Buy it now before it is too late, it won't be in stores for long!

World of Tanks Blitz: New British Tank Destroyers

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Currently, the developers are working on a new British tank destroyer line and two new tier ten tank destroyers, the FV4005 and the FV217. The FV4005 will be the first tier ten autoloader in the game with a 123mm gun and three shells in the magazine and will be tested in game after update 5.9. This tank destroyer will also head the new tank destroyer line. The FV217 will also be tested in the game, but isnt going to be in the tech tree just yet.
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