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Il2 Great Battles, Update 3.012

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Today, Update 3.012 for the IL2 Great Battles project was released. As well as a new fighter aircraft each for both the Flying Circus and Battle of Bodenplatte modules, two new vehicles have been added to the Tank Crew module: The M4A2 Sherman as a lend-lease for the Soviet side, and the Panzer III M for the German side. Both vehicles are fully modeled to the same quality as the already present KV-1s and Panzer VI H1, although at present the crew is not yet modelled, and will represent a new style of gameplay to the Soviet and German Heavies already present in the simulation. 

In addition to the new vehicles is the release of the Prokhorovka map, a 100km x 100km map designed from the ground up to be ideal for combined-arms operations utilizing both armor and aviation units, while accurately recreating the region in which the Battle of Kursk took place in real life. The map is 16 times more complex than the already existing aerial combat maps, and in addition, has a 20km area to the South West with the new complex damage model buildings that should provide even more immersive combat scenarios. More information on this Update can be found at the following link to the Il2 Forums:

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