Blueprints in World of Tanks PC

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In order to aid progression for players who have reached tier V and above, Wargaming is introducing a new system to their title, called the "Blueprint" system. These Blueprints will drop in a percentage of matches played in vehicles of tier V and above, and cannot be purchased with any of the currencies available in the game. Blueprints will reduce the cost of researching a corresponding vehicle from tiers II to X, but not its associated modules, and are more likely to be dropped if you play more effectively. You can receive multiple blueprints for a vehicle, incrementally reducing its research cost to a maximum of 100%. Should you earn a blueprint for an already researched vehicle, it will be converted into either a "Universal" or "National" Blueprint. Universal Blueprints can be applied to any vehicle, and National to any vehicle of the same Nation as the original already researched vehicle. 4 Universal Blueprints and one National Blueprint can be combined to create a Blueprint for a specific vehicle. 

Please note that this feature is a work in progress, and details may change in future. More information can be found at the following link:

(Below is an example of a complete Blueprint for the P26/40 Medium Tank, created utilizing the interactive tool at the linked page)

World of Tanks Blitz: New British Tank Destroyers

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Currently, the developers are working on a new British tank destroyer line and two new tier ten tank destroyers, the FV4005 and the FV217. The FV4005 will be the first tier ten autoloader in the game with a 123mm gun and three shells in the magazine and will be tested in game after update 5.9. This tank destroyer will also head the new tank destroyer line. The FV217 will also be tested in the game, but isnt going to be in the tech tree just yet.

World of Tanks PC: New Missions

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Over the weekend a series of missions with minor rewards have been announced, intended to reward adequate teamplay and platoon gameplay, as well as 50% discounts on crew training and crew skill resets. More information at the following link.

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