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From mud, barb wire and trenches

WW1 UK and France started development of tanks in order to save the lives of their soldiers. The first idea was to bring them right in eney trenches across the no man's land, but the tank quickly became a killing machine integrated in combined arms operations.

The armour golden age

Never so many tanks had the occasion to fight. From the Jungles of Guadalcanal to the arid desert of Libya, the icy and windy steppes of Russia and the rainy bocage of Normandy. Tanks with infantry.

Modern Armoured Fighting Vehicles

It takes two diametrally opposed superpowers to make a cold war. The USA and USSR, together with their own alliances, forged a new generation of armoured vehicles learning as it went from numerous proxy wars.

Tanks are alive and cicking !

AFV means "Armored Fighting Vehicles". First of an array of acronyms such as MBT, IFV, APC, SPAAG, SPAAML, SPG, SPH, SPRL, ARV, AVLB well known by the military of all nations today. Part of the professional army parlance today.

New Entry !

songun ho 915
North Korean Songun Ho Main Battle Tank (2008). New illustrations of the Songun I and II and full overview of this foggy tank.

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Tank Encyclopedia started quietly as a SEO experiment by me (David Bocquelet) with a scratch-built php website, well coded and lightning fast. The tank subject a that time was not covered the way it could have been. I'm a professional illustrator and webmaster specialist by trade.

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2000+ dedicated illustrations has been made since at least 2009, one of the most proficient collection of that genre on the planet. What makes them so special is the use of photorealitic patterns and elements on photoshop and a method that allow reuse of elements and "mass production".
Did your knew military cars and trucks, TELs and other vehicles than tanks were covered ? Discover the military vehicle section

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There was no particular angle taken by the author on tank encyclopedia but it was less for historians or nerds than modellers. I have now a name in edition, from National geographic, to the World @ war series, Pen & sword, Amber books, and many other publishers, as well as in video and table games.

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